Free Hard Drive Wipe

  • Advanced tool which permanently erase hd data in few simple mouse clicks
  • One of the best tool which simply offers maximum number of sanitation method to wipe the hard drive beyond recovery
  • Simply wipes data from physical as well as logical drives
  • Provides simple user interface and intuitive design so that your precious data can be permanently deleted beyond its recovery
  • Effectively erases data from both 32-bit as well as 64-bit Windows based computers

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download

What will you do if you would like to erase data permanently from hard drive?

Hard drive of a computer is the most important storage drive which stores various types of files like music files, digital pictures, videos, documents etc. Most of us believe that the files stored in computer hard drive can be deleted easily by using various methods like by shift delete, emptying Recycle Bin or by command prompt. However, if you believe that files can be deleted permanently by above options then you are absolutely wrong!!! Because when you delete a file, only the index pointer which refers the files is deleted. However, the actual stream of data which indicates the files still remains at the same storage location until and unless it has to be overwritten. So, in order to delete the files from computer hard drive beyond its recovery, you need to use good data shredding software. However, when it comes to erase any type of data from computer hard drive, Free Hard Drive Wipe is the best tool available in the world.

This software is widely appreciated and applauded by most of the industry experts and data shredding professionals as one of the most trustworthy software. This data shredding tool provides 9 different sanitation methods, based on different security standards accepted by govt agencies like U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Police Department and standards approved by other government institutes around the world.

The severe problem arises, when you want to sell or dispose your computer hard drive. It is always necessary to erase data from HDD, before you want to sell or dispose it. These preventives measures are necessary, since data stored on computer hard drive is at high risk of being misrepresented.  Even if you format the hard drive before disposing or selling it, sensitive data consisting your important files and folders still resides on it, and can be easily rescued using professional retrieval tools.

In order to delete all files permanently from hard drive of your computer, you need to make use of effective hard drive eraser software. Free Hard Drive Wipe is one such software which erases all types of sensitive data from both physical and logical drives of your computer hard drive. This powerful utility has a capability of shredding the entire free disk space from your HDD, making it highly impossible to rescue files.

Unique Features of Free Hard Drive Wipe software

  • This tool has a capability to wipe hard drive on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2003.
  • Simply erases data from other storage drives like external hard drives, FireWire drives, flash drives, USB drives, iPods and many more storage drives which can be accessed though any Windows computers.
  • This tool is available at free of cost so that all the users can take advantage of it to erase their computer hard drive.
  • Effectively erases data from different brands of hard drives including Western Digital and Seagate hard drives.
  • If you would like to know how to erase external hard drive data then click here

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download

Simple steps to erase computer hard drive

Step 1: Download and install this utility on your system and run the tool to erase hard drive as shown in figure 1.

Free Hard Drive Wipe - First Screen

Figure 1: First Screen

Step 2: After selecting the partition to wipe, select the shredding pattern as shown in figure 2.

Permanently Erase HD Data - Select Shredding Pattern

Figure 2: Select Shredding Pattern

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download

Step 3: You can stop or pause the drive wiping process at any time as shown in figure 3.

Free HDD Wipe Utility - Progress of Shredding Process

Figure 3: Progress of Shredding Process