Erase External Hard Drive Data

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download

Simple Tool to Wipe External Hard Drive Permanently

External hard drive is known for its wide range of advantages like huge data storage capacity, portability etc. Most of the people use this storage media when it comes to transfer data from one computer to another and it can also used to maintain backup of important data. However, in certain critical situations, when you are selling external hard drive, you need to erase all data permanently in order to avoid its misuse. Most of us believe that once the files are deleted by any means, they are gone forever. But it’s absolutely wrong notion!!! External hard drive data recovery can be done easily by using some professional recovery software.  So in order to erase data from external hard drive permanently, you need to use good hard drive eraser software. However, when it comes to wipe external hard drive, Free Hard Drive Wipe is the ultimate software in the world.

Your external hard drive stores all files which you have deleted, until the disk space is not overwritten by new files. Most of the users have erroneous belief that once they delete files or empty Recycle Bin folder, the files are completely erased from their computer. But, it’s not true!!! Only the reference pointer which points this file is deleted. However, the contents of deleted file remains on the same stored location of external hard disk and can be easily retrieved using file recovery tool. The severe crisis arises, while selling or disposing the external hard drive. It is always significant to wipe external hard drive, before you plan to sell it or dispose it. This preventative measure is necessary, since all your confidential data is at high possibility of being misrepresented. Even if you format or reformat the external drive before selling or disposing it, the perceptive data consisting of files and folders still resides on the drive and can be recuperated. So, in order to wipe external hard drive, you need to use this efficient software. Moreover, one can use this tool to delete Seagate hard drive permanently.

This tool has a customized In-built scheduler, which will erase data as per scheduled time. This software comes up with its free demo edition to check its efficiency.  When you launch the tool, it will automatically detect all physical and logical drives which associated with your computer from where you can choose external hard drive and proceed. It supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16 and FAT32 file systems of Windows based computers. In case if would like to know about how to erase computer hard drive then click here Besides hard drives and external hard drives, it can also erase data from various storage drives like flash drives, memory sticks, USB drives, FireWire drives and all other storage drives which can be accessed though a Windows based computer. It uses nine different sanitation methods to wipe external hard drive including Fast Zero Overwrite and Random Overwrite.

Simple steps to delete external hard drive data permanently

Step 1: Once you install this software on your computer, launch it and select physical or logical drive as shown in below figure.

Wipe External Hard Disk - Select Drive

Figure 1: Select Drive

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download

Step 2: Select the shredding method from 9 different patterns as shown in below figure.

External Hard Drive Wipe Tool - Select Shredding Method

Figure 2: Select Shredding Method

Step 3: You can pause or stop the drive wiping process at any time as shown in below figure.

External Drive Wipe - Shredding Process

Figure 3: Shredding Process

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download