Wipe HDD Data Permanently

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download

How to Completely Erase Files from Hard Drive?

Hard Disk is the best place to store your important files such as your official documents, favorite movies, music files, compressed files etc. Most often people think that hard disk drive is the safe and secure place to store their important data. However, it’s quite false notion!!!! You can come across the situation where you lose data from hard drive. In such situation, many of us believe that once data is lost or deleted, it cannot be restored back. But you are again wrong!! The lost or deleted files from hard drive can be easily recuperated by using recovery software. Then what will you do in some crucial situations where you are selling your computer? Don’t you worry about your important data being misused? In such cases, you need to wipe HDD data permanently in order to avoid its misuse. Though there are various tools available, but when it comes to wipe HDD data, Free Hard Drive Wipe is the most trustworthy software in the world, as it is widely appreciated by most of the industry experts and professionals.

Wipe HDD data means permanently deleting all files from hard disk drive. Whenever a file has been deleted by using Shift+Delete key combination of command prompt, it cannot be retrieved back from Recycle Bin folder, as it bypasses Recycle Bin folder. Many people think that by empting Recycle Bin, you can get rid of hard drive data permanently then it is absolutely wrong notion!!! Formatting or reformatting hard disk drive also does not wipe data permanently. When you delete a file, only the pointer referring the file has been deleted not the actual data. So all such deleted files, with no loss can be recuperated using various data recovery tools available in marketplace. If you want to sell your computer, before doing so, if you would like to wipe out all data from hard drive, then you must perform data shredding. You can wipe hard drive data by using good file shredder software, which simply overwrites data with some random values at least by three times and makes the original data irrecoverable.

This tool can easily delete Windows hard drive permanently in few simple mouse clicks so that even a novice user can use it without any hassle. It can wipe HDD data on all versions of Windows based computers including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and many more Windows versions. It is safe, secure and trustworthy tool which unlinks recycled files and also old data with some garbage values. This tool comes up with intuitive design and simple user interface which erases data from logical as well as complete hard drive. Moreover, it uses 9 different sanitation techniques to erase data brands of hard disk drives including Seagate, Western Digital etc which can be accessed though Windows based computers.

Simple steps to wipe HDD data

Step 1: Download and install this tool on your Windows PC and run the tool to erase data from hard drive as shown in figure I.

Wipe HDD Files - Select Drive

Figure I: Select Drive

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download

Step 2: After selecting the HDD partition, select the shredding pattern to erase data from hard disk as shown in figure II.

Wipe Hard Drive - Select Shredding Pattern

Figure II: Select Shredding Pattern

Step 3: You can view the status of data shredding process as shown in figure III.

Erase Information from HDD - Shredding Process

Figure III: Shredding Process

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download