Hard Drive Wipe on Windows

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How to Delete Windows HDD Files?

When it comes to delete files from Windows, most of the users prefer to delete the files and then empty Recycle Bin folder. However, this process doesn’t remove the files permanently. Even formatting or reformatting the hard disk drive also does not erase data completely. Many of us don’t know that erasing a file does not actually delete it but only the pointer referring to that file get deleted. So, deleted file can be easily recuperated by using various tools available in the marketplace. In order to erase the files permanently hard drive you need to use a powerful Windows hard drive wipe software.

Formatting or re-formatting of Windows hard drive will erase all files making drive appear to be empty.  But the actual stream of bytes will still remains at the same stored location on the hard drive. Though you cannot able to access such data, but you can still have a chance to rescue it with the help of recovery tool. However, sometimes if you wish to sell or dispose your computer, you must have to erase data permanently in order to avoid misuse of your confidential data. Though there are numerous shredding tools available, but when it comes to erase data from all versions of Windows computers, Free Hard Drive Wipe is the most efficient tool. It is trustworthy software which has been highly appreciated and certified by most of the industry experts and professionals. Furthermore, Windows hard drive wipe tool provides intuitive design and simple user interface which helps the user to erase data permanently in safe and secured manner.

In order to erase files permanently from Windows HDD any kind of scenarios, you have to make use of this Windows hard drive wipe tool. This software overwrites data continuously by some random values making it highly impossible to be retrieved by any recovery tool. It erases sensitive data from both physical as well as logical drives of Windows hard disk. Windows hard drive wipe tool ensures safe erasing of data from hard drive beyond recovery. Based on the 9 different sanitation methods, this tool erases data on different levels of data security. You can choose the sanitation method based on high, medium or low security levels. One among nine sanitation methods that offers high security level is Peter Gutmann Secure Deletion, low security level is Fast Zero Write, and medium security level is US Navy NAVSO P-5239-26-RLL.

Besides hard drives, Windows hard drive wipe can permanently delete data from storage drives like flash drives, FireWire drives, external hard drives, memory cards, USB drives, pen drives etc. It supports all types of file shredding on different file systems of Windows OS versions like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Moreover, it can erase external hard disk of various brands like Western Digital, Seagate etc. It also supports data shredding on 32 bit as well as 64 bit Windows based computers.

Simple steps to wipe Windows hard drive

Step 1: After downloading and installing this software, select the physical or logical drive to shred as shown in figure A.

Windows Hard Drive Wipe - Select Drive

Figure A: Select Drive

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download

Step 2: Choose the sanitation method from the list of available methods as shown in figure B.

Hard Drive Wipe on Windows - Select Sanitation Method

Figure B: Select Sanitation Method

Step 3: You can view the shredding process status at any time as shown in figure C.

Windows Drive Wipe Tool - Shredding Process

Figure C: Shredding Process

Free Hard Drive Wipe Software Download